Workshop: Belly Dancing Class ($145 USD Per Person)

A solo and group dance type, belly dance takes many different forms depending on the country and region, both in costume and dance style, and new styles have derived in the West as its popularity has spread globally.

In this workshop, you will be introduced to classical Turkish-style belly dancing. Participate in this workshop to get to know the techniques and practices of  Turkish belly dancing. If you are curious about belly dancers, their life style, education, background, social status, how they are looked upon, etc., you can ask questions of the expert belly dancer. This workshop is designed for students who are new to belly dancing or who want to improve their dancing skills. No experience is required.


  • Shimmy your belly with an expert belly dancer.
  • Learn basic belly dancing techniques including posture, shimmies, isolations, undulations and traveling steps.
  • A brief introduction to the history, context, and philosophy of belly dancing.
  • Understand the rhythms and variations of steps.
  • Learn combinations of traveling steps and turns most frequently used in belly dancing.
  • No dance experience is required for beginner classes.
  • The workshop will take you through some workout techniques based on Turkish traditional belly dancing moves.


  • Commentary and translation services in English by a professional local guide
  • Tea, coffee and cookies 

Not included:

  • Hotel pickup and drop off. Our guests are expected to get to our place on their own. Please see the descriptions below.

One-Hour Private Sessions are available: Please ask for available days and hours

Price Per Person : If you are minimum four guests, the price will be $145 USD per person. Please ask for a quote for less number of participants.

How to Book?

Where is C.I.P? How convenient is the location?

Even if you are not staying in this vicinity, you will likely be in our neighborhood as we are only 5-minute walking distance from Taksim Square or the pedestrian street of Istiklal. The Çukurcuma Antiques neighborhood is nearby too.

How to get to C.I.P from Taksim Square?

Take the Sıraselviler street, pass the (former) German Hospital, enter the Soğancı street by turning left from the corner of the Pharmacy. Second block on the right. The name of our building is Cihangir Palas. There is a real estate agency at the ground floor of the building. We have an elevator and we are on the third floor.

Private car park is available at the Soğancı street.

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