Workshop: Turkish Coffee Experience and Fortune Telling ($130 USD per person)

UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

Turkish coffee differs, not in the choice of beans, but in its preparation from other coffees. Finely ground roasted beans and sugar (optional) are added to water, and boiled on low heat multiple times in a special pot called cezve. Served unfiltered, Turkish coffee bears earthy aromas, a distinctive full body and frothy texture. The more foam there is on top of the cup, the better quality it is.

After learning about the history of Turkish coffee, you can also experience how to make it and read coffee cups. You will first make your own coffee in the traditional way, then the fortune teller will read your cup and tell you about your future.


  • Learn the historical and cultural background of Turkish coffee.
  • Experience the Turkish coffee ritual.
  • You will make your own coffee.
  • Let the fortune teller read your fortune.
  • Turkish coffee is listed in the UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
  • A perfect choice if you are interested in learning different forms of Turkish local traditions.

Why Turkish Coffee?

  • Turkish coffee teaches patience. You have to cook it slowly for the best results.
  • Makes you relax.
  • Encourages conversation.
  • Turkish coffee is really all about socializing and relaxing.


  • All materials
  • Commentary and translation services in English by a professional local guide
  • Your fortune will be read
  • Coffee and cookies

Not included:

  • Hotel pickup and drop off. Our guests are expected to get to our place on their own. Please see the descriptions below.

One-Hour Private Sessions are available: Please ask for available days and hours

Price Per Person : If you are minimum two guests, the price will be $130 USD per person. Please ask for a quote for less number of participants.

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